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Tandem-Skydiving at Skydive Vienna

Jump out at 14,000 feet above sea level from a working plane. One minute in free fall. With over 200 items. This is completely insane!
Damn right! And it's one of the most unique and amazing experiences too! And you can do that too - with atandem skydive at Skydive Vienna, only 40 minutes away from Vienna.
14.000ft, 130mph, 40min from Vienna!
For yourself or as the perfect gift: we enable passengers of any age and without any previous knowledge to share that ultimate feeling of freedom and adrenaline with us!

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Before one of our experienced instructors jumps out of an airplane with you, you should read all necessary information and make your appointment thereafter.
Are you looking for a special gift? You might want to order a voucher for tandem skydiving, which you can print out right away and redeem at a later point in time.
Purchases and bookings can be made either online, 24/7 on our website, or in an individual conversation with our service team, which you can reach at +43 (0) 664 3013368.


have not make up your mind yet? Take a look at our tandem-gallery.
If you want to know more, you can read the information about your jump
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Maybe you are thinking about becoming a skydiver yourself and would like to know more about our sport? Our training-section provides you with more information and lots of other interesting facts worth knowing.